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My Secret Love

Yes. I'll admit it. I have a secret love. Oh... the curves. Oh... the lines. Just thinking about it, makes my heart pitter-patter. 


Yes, fonts.

I have a secret love of fonts.

Finding the right one for the job... ohhhh the satisfaction.

Thinking about matching a serif font with a san serif font.... chills!

Using that perfect font for the job you're working on... priceless.

Helvetica is a classic masterpiece.

My friends likely don't know this about me. And I don't know they'd understand. Of course, my designer friends likely get it, but the rest of the world, probably not. Even my husband gives me a weird look when I see a font that I love, and express giddy excitement over the perfect placement of the letters together. 

It may seem weird, but I'm okay with that. We all have our little idiosyncrasies. And that's okay. Just be kind to each other, and accept those quirks we all have. Support the quirkiness in your friends. It's what makes them unique and interesting. And, maybe look at fonts a little differently next time, and you might start to see the beauty that I see. 


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