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Wild Mouse - Graphic Design
Wild Mouse - Graphic Design

enhancE your business

One drop in a pond creates a ripple effect that eventually covers the whole surface area.

Tailor-made, dynamic graphics can change

how the world views your business, so start YOUR

ripple effect by making the best impression with Wild Mouse.


With more than 25 years of design experience, CRISTINE MacDONALD is skilled at creating strong marketing materials for exceptional companies. During her career, Cristine has earned more than 30 prestigious awards for her creative designs and innovative ideas. Believing customer service is key for any business surviving in today's world, Cristine focuses on her client's needs and priorities, building a trusting relationship between designer and client.

Wild Mouse - Graphic Design

How Can I Help You?

There are many requests for graphic design such as labels, pop-up banners and store front signage. Call me today, and we will come up with some really fun stuff!
Graphic Design Services
1 hr
Let's talk about it!
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